Using the Kid-friendly Metal Detectors

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Kid-friendly Metal Detectors

As has been portrayed in countless movies and television shows, a metal detector for kids is a one-way ticket to adventure.

Based on the notion of discovering buried treasure, metal detectors for kids help children live out the wildest dreams of their imaginations. Partaking in such activities also allows young children to unplug from the virtual world and spend some time in the real world. This old-fashioned variety of fun never goes out of style and leaves kids with an appetite for discovering new things.

Starting with the basics

The simplest of metal detectors operate by passing an alternating current through a coil, which produces a magnetic field. Any metal found within the range of this magnetic field, begins to produce its own alternating magnetic field, which is then detected by a second coil. Each type of metal holds within it its own phase response, which makes it possible for metal detectors to discern between different types of metal before it has been unearthed.

While metal detectors for kids may not be of the highest power, they serve as a fantastic introduction to the worlds of history, natural science, and physics for kids.

What to expect with a kid-friendly metal detector

To ensure the best adventure possible, care must be taken in finding the right model to suit your child. Things to consider include the weight of the metal detector, and the overall power of the metal detector.

For many years, the Ace models of metal detectors served as a fantastic introduction for people of young ages. The Ace 150 metal detector is highly regarded as being the best choice for kids.

The Ace 150 is so highly regarded because it is lightweight, making it easy for children to transport. It is also length adjustable, so as your child grows it is still able to use the metal detector with ease. This model also runs solely on 4 AA batteries making it easy to operate and maintain. Your wallet won’t be hurting in purchasing this model either as it known for being cost-effective. With your purchase, you are also given a warranty that ensures reliability.

With one-touch operation and simple settings, this model of metal detector is the perfect fit for any young person looking for adventure. A higher performing kid-friendly metal detector is the Ace 250 which comes with more efficient features such as a long discrimination scale and improved pinpoint capabilities.

What are the likely costs of kid’s detectors?

Shop online for kids friendly metal detectors and expect retail prices in the region of $50 to $175. The cost will relate to the ability to detect and functions, such as Pulse Induction (PI) or Very Low Frequency.

A PI detector is great for beach-combing or similar activities and usually able to detect the different types of materials often hidden in soft or sandy surfaces. But, this type of unit might not be so effective when it comes to detecting a signal on the more solid surfaces, such as dry hard soil or areas covered with trash or other debris. If planning to search these areas, it might benefit to go with a VLF detector.