Useful Metal Detector Tools and Accessories

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Metal Detector Accessories

A quality selection of metal detector accessories is certain to help with enhancing a treasure hunter’s experience.

Useful accessories are certain to help with detecting and pinpointing buried objects that much more effectively.

Below are some of the more useful metal detector accessories:


A high-quality set of metal detector headphones are able to offer greater ease in detection then compared to some of the built-in speakers that many of the latest metal detectors feature. Limiting background noise and isolating outside sound are certain to help with improving listening sensitivity.

Many of the low-end metal detectors include a mono headphone jack and sound output, meaning only one speaker is fully functional; as a result the tones from the detector are likely to be picked up in one ear. But, this is able to benefit in relation to safety reasons, since a user is more likely to be fully aware of the local surroundings without both ears concentrating on the different tones of the detector. A dedicated set of metal detector headphones is likely to be ideal since they are more efficient at helping to pinpoint the precise location of the hidden objects.

Shovels and Spades

A metal detecting spade is likely to be manufactured so that it is small and light in weight, which gives greater freedom to use on the longer searches and walks. A D-handle or T-handle digger is perfect since these are durable and lightweight. A shovel with serrated edge and a sharpened blade is likely to be ideal. A sharp and serrated edge is beneficial in those situations when attempting to dig in areas with tough roots. A steel-based shovel is likely to be the ideal choice when digging in difficult areas, while an aluminum-based shovel is also able to offer greater assistance in those areas of varying soil conditions.


A metal detector scoop is highly effective in loose soil environments, like sand, and able to significantly cut down on time spent digging. A scoop manufactured in a lightweight and durable material, such as aluminum, is certain to be highly desirable. Scoops with rubber-gripped handles offer greater handling capabilities. And those with a duck billed cutting-edge are certain to be useful for attempting to grasp objects in a stream or river.

Sand Baskets

If searching the sandy environments, a sand basket is certain to be a highly useful tool to include for any well equipped treasure hunter. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and manufactured with a steel reinforced woven mesh for a solid and reliable construction. A quality sand basket is able to efficiently expel the sand grains while retaining the jewelry, coins, and similar such objects.


A stainless steel trowel, especially a saw tooth designed model, is certain to increase the efficiency for digging holes and cutting through difficult undergrowth. A trowel with a vinyl padded grip is certain to help with increasing the level of comfort in handling this tool. They are likely to vary in length from 12 to 22 inches and have a choice of blade configurations and widths. A round shaped scoop trowel is likely to work best in loose soil, whereas a narrow bladed trowel is a more effective in digging the toughest soil conditions.