Thoughts on the Beginner to High-End Metal Detectors

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Metal Detector Tools

Metal detectors can vary drastically from the beginner to high-end models.

So it makes sense to carefully research the market to see which model matches your specific needs and experience levels.


If planning to start out with metal detecting, one of the more reliable options to find jewelry and coins is the Garret Ace 250. A reason for this recommendation relates to the ease of use, great all-round performance, build quality, and a useful life expectancy of the batteries. While the Garret Ace 150 is slightly more affordable, upgrading to the 250 is certain to give a wider range of features and performance. Although, if you want the most simplistic unit and a low-price there are several other very basic models on the market.


Some of the great metal detectors in the mid-level range include the Minelab Explorer Series and Teknetics G2. Both of these detectors are lightweight, easy to use, and great for jewelry or coin hunting. When you start looking at the higher end units the prices will start to significantly increase, so it might benefit to look at the second-hand market.

Also, for those that are looking at metal detecting for the long-term it benefits to go for the high-end units and avoid spending time with the mid-range units. By going straight for the better models, you have a great chance of being able to get to grips with this activity in the most efficient way possible.

If searching in areas with high mineralization, the preferred option is the Explorer series of metal detectors. This type of unit has the ability to detect at depths of 8-10 inches. Certain models aren’t that effective with heavy mineralization, so it is important to match the type of detector with the type of surface.

Plus, when using the more advanced models it is necessary to consider the handling options and ability to customize functions, such as sensitivity and depth.


In the advanced area of metal detectors some of the more popular models include the Safari, Explorer, and Etrac. While the advanced models will come with certain extra features, they do have the downside of being significantly more expensive. Make sure the added features are fully able to justify the increased value.


Whether exploring rivers, freshwater lakes, or out on the beach, there is a wide range of machines to help detect lost treasure. Whites PI and Minelab Excalibur are great units. The ability to detect beneath the water can vary quite drastically, with heavy mineralized and salty beaches more difficult to work with. Invest in the type of metal detector that matches the area that is likely to be explored more often.


A great beach metal detector is the Minelab Explorer or Sovereign if planning to stick to the beach and not venture into the water. The machines differ in relation to features and usability, so a preferred metal detector often relates to the most favorable set-up. For instance, the Sovereign has a much longer cable and ability to chest-mount the control unit. But, these units aren’t designed to be submersed in water, which means it is critical to avoid soaking the housing.