Gold Detector: 5 Tips for Detecting Gold Nuggets

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Gold Detector

Detecting gold nuggets isn’t like detecting jewelry or coins because potential search sites are more limited.

Use a gold detector in places that have a past history of gold deposits. Search dredged tailings (leftover sites), stream beds, gravel or sand in rivers. It is very rare to discover this type of treasure in the backyard.

Even though the gold rush took place in states like Alaska, Arizona, and California, gold has actually been discovered all across the United States.

In recent years, the technology in the metal detecting field has seen many advances which have increased the ability to detect hidden treasure like gold nuggets. A noticeable improvement for someone prospecting for gold is to search at a greater depth. Even the small grain of gold can be pinpointed with the new designs of metal detectors.

Here are five tips to help in the process of searching with a gold detector:

Personal referrals

Use friends to help instruct the basics of nugget detecting. This can be quite a specialized area. Get first hand experience of how best to use and operate the gold metal detector to achieve the most reliable results out in the field.

Proper equipment

Get in contact with a local or online dealer that can give guidance on selecting the most practical piece of prospecting equipment. While most of the metal detectors in the market have the ability to detect buried gold, there are certain models more effective than others. A high-quality and purpose-made gold detector will make the entire treasure hunting process of more fun and enjoyable.

Bench test

Give the most promising metal detectors a bench-test to see which gives the desired results. By comparing several models side-by-side it is possible to determine which unit is most effective and able to detect at greater depths. Trial as many of the detectors as possible until able to select one that matches the specific needs.

Operating frequency

A metal detector that is built to operate with a high kilohertz or operating frequency is usually the most effective at detecting the small pieces of gold. Certain metal detectors act quite poorly with the smaller finds so make sure to invest in the right equipment to make the prospecting more rewarding.

Using the machine

Getting proper instruction on how to handle the new gold detector is certain to benefit. Many dealers have test-patch areas with certain objects burned in soil. This makes it possible to get hands-on tuition to fully understand the features and the best techniques to be successful in searching for the buried treasure.

It rarely benefits to limit testing a metal detector to inside a store or building. Most results from a test of this nature will be inaccurate because of the construction materials in the floors and walls. Plus, the way a metal detector operates is entirely different to what is experienced in a closed environment. Get familiar with a particular model of metal detecting equipment before investing a large sum of money by asking for advice from the knowledgeable in-store dealers.