Garrett 1139070 ACE 250 Metal Detector

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Garrett ACE 250

An attention-stealing metal detector, the Garrett 1139070 ACE 250 Metal Detector, with its rugged outdoor design, is loaded with well-thought-out features.

This includes electronic pinpointing, custom notch discrimination, depth settings, adjustable sensitivity, and the latest PROformance Rhino 6.5-inch by 9-inch ACE coil. Easy-to-use, and gives a precise level of performance for a wide-range of activities, such as coin hunting, dry-beach and shallow water (freshwater) hunting to competition events.

Precisely locate targets via the accuracy of the electric pinpointing technology, a simple-to-learn skill, which rapidly speeds up targeting and recovery time for all-items of treasure. Knowing the steps to pinpoint correctly often means the difference between digging a 2 or 3-inch plug or an 8-inch hole.

The Garrett ACE 250 is extremely light, which can make it more comfortable if detecting for hours on end, gives great convenience if traveling or backpacking, and is a really low-fatigue model for competition artifact hunting. It is quite easy to use, understand, and learn. Most importantly of all, the ACE 250 is equipped with a wide-array of features in a most affordable package.

Product Features

  • Electronic pinpointing for ease in locating and recovery items
  • Multiple search modes (All-Metal, Relics, Coins, Jewelry & Custom)
  • Coin depth indicator (2, 4, 6 and 8-inches) with up to 8-sensitivity settings
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Push button controls, simple one touch operation
  • Touch-N-Go technology
  • Headphone socket
  • Adjustable arm cuff for comfort in use
  • Weight: 2.7-pounds
  • Batteries taken x4 AA (included)
  • 2-year warranty (limited parts/labor)

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Reviews & Ratings

Praise for the Garrett 1139070 ACE 250 Metal Detector relates to high sensitivity, user-friendly target modes, accurate target ID, and the battery lasts forever. On average, the Garrett ACE 250 gets a very positive 4.4-rating, which came from 45+ satisfied customers, with 40+ of those comments giving a top 4 or 5 star rating.

A great entry-level detector, the Garrett ACE 250 is easy-to-handle and light-weight in its build, and might well be more powerful than some would expect in a first time detector. Early on, play with the wide-range of settings to get an appreciation of what this metal detector can do for you. If you are new to metal detecting, avoid the low-cost, toy-like detector, as you will soon become frustrated and move on to a different hobby – it often benefits to go straight in with a solid, well-built detector like to ACE 250 or similar.

Comments of a negative nature often related to detector not being as easy-to-use as advertised, although the detector does come with quite a comprehensive manual (and DVD) detailing best use practices, so you should get used to the different features after one or two outings. The main control panel isn’t waterproof, so avoid bad weather detecting.

A very popular metal detector in its price range, the most competitive prices for the Garrett ACE 250 are often found in Amazon’s marketplace. Click here to get an instant quote of the latest retail price.

Overall, Garrett has created a metal detector with big features, offering what many might consider the best in performance and value within its price bracket, the ACE 250 is equipped with precise depth detection, ease of operation, and a rugged, outdoor design.

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