Garrett 1138070 ACE 150 Metal Detector

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Garrett Ace 150

The Garrett 138070 Ace 150 Metal Detector incorporates the latest technology, from manual pinpointing, custom notch discrimination, depth settings, adjustable sensitivity, and a 6.5 x 9-inch PROformance™ submersible coil, to begin searching treasure right away.

Easy-to-use for any age, and gives the right level of performance for coin hunting, beach hunting or shallow water (freshwater) hunting.

Equipped with the Garrett designed graphic target ID technology, the ACE 150 is able to give a probable identification of a targeted item, which reads (from left to right) along a horizontal scale ranging from low-conductive metals (iron) to high-conductive metals (coins). Tone ID also helps in determining a potential target; audible noises based on an object’s conductivity include a distinctive bell-tone signal for high conductive items (US coins), a standard pitched signal for medium conductive items (nickels, jewelry, foreign coins), and a low pitch signal for low conductive items (nail, iron).

Coin depth is another of the features of the Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector, which displays on the large LCD screen, with depth ranges illustrated at 2-inches, 4-inches and 6-inches +. Just sweeping over a target will give a close to accurate reading of how shallow or deep a detected object might be.

Product Features

  • Coin depth indicator
  • Multiple search modes (All-Metal, Coins, Jewelry)
  • Intuitive controls; one-touch push-button controls
  • Easy-to-read LCD Display
  • Sporty and rugged outdoor design
  • Headphone jack (1/4-inch size)
  • Adjustable length (42 to 51-inch)
  • Weight 2.7-pounds
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required to run (20 – 40-hour operate per single set of batteries)
  • 2-year Warranty (Limited parts/labor)

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Reviews & Ratings

Praise for the Garrett 138070 Ace 150 Metal Detector relates to its well-thought out design, ease of use, light-weight construction, and easy on batteries. On average, the Garret ACE 150 gets a 4.3-rating (out of 5); given by 12+ satisfied reviewers, with 10+ of those customers giving the ACE 150 a very positive 4 or 5 star rating.

Comments on the negative side; these seem to talk of the occasional mis-signal; a LOUD audible signal might emit from the detector, but after digging a trench nothing is to be found. However, this does seem to happen very infrequently.

Pro like, the Garret ACE 150 is a high-quality piece of equipment for the beginner to intermediate user; most often an attractive retail price can be found for this metal detector at Amazon. Click here to get an instant price check.

Overall, the Garrett ACE 150 has proven itself as one of the more effective metal detectors, at its price-range, mostly due to its impressive features, such as the graphic target ID, discrimination, and tough & go technology.

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