Full Line Up of Whites Metal Detectors

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Whites Underwater Metal Detector

Whites metal detectors are built using the latest technology to provide a wide range of hobbyist detectors to match the needs of the amateur to seasoned professional.

White’s Electronics is a family-owned business based in Oregon, U.S. and founded in 1950.

In addition to the hobbyist tools, Whites also manufacture a series of detectors for the industrial and security industries.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a world traveler, or beach treasure hunter, a well-chosen White’s metal detector is certain to provide the thrill and excitement that comes from searching for relics, gold, jewelry, rings, coins, etc.

Here is the product line-up of the easy-to-use, affordable, and compact White’s metal detectors:


The beginner metal detector series is built with the first-comer in mind that is just starting to take the plunge into the world of treasure hunting. These metal detectors are intended for use in shallow water, at the beach, or on solid surfaces, and great for detecting metals such as jewelry and coins.

A great starter model is the Coinmaster metal detector with built in depth gauge, target ID, 5-range discriminator, and adjustable sensitivity. It retails in the region of $179.95.


The intermediate series is the next step up for the treasure hunter and provides greater sensitivity, range, and power. Intermediate detectors have built-in visual and multi-tone targeting tools.

A versatile model in the intermediate range is the MX5 metal detector which has the ability to work on virtually any surface. A special beach or coin model makes it easier to detect objects hidden in mud or wet sand. Features of this detector include backlit display, auto ground balance, and adjustable notch discrimination. It retails in the region of $599.95.


The professional series of metal detectors is aimed at the more seasoned enthusiast. These high-end and powerful detectors are at the top-of-the-line with features like depth up to 20-ft, target identification, on-board reference, loop selection, and stereo audio. The Spectra V31 retails in the region of $1449.95.


A fully water-proofed detector is essential when searching in salt or fresh water. The underwater metal detectors are perfect for detecting jewelry or coins on wet sand or black sand.

One of the top-rated underwater units is the BeachHunter 300 which is perfect shore-based or in water and easily detects the potential treasure while ignoring the junk metal. It comes with a 12-inch search coil and high-quality dual frequency detector. This detector retails for about $999.95


The series of specialty metal detectors are a practical option for those planning to hunt treasure at great depths or search for larger objects. The TM 808 detector from White’s is built to located metal objects at a depth of 4 to 20-ft. This detector is a reliable option for not only finding buried treasure, but also underground pipes and tanks.

Even though the TM 808 metal detector is built with the latest technology, it is still easy to use and provides complete versatility while searching jewelry or pipe work. It retails in the region of $779.95.