7 Tips for Using the Metal Detector at the Beach

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Metal Detector at the Beach

If planning to head down to the beach there are several tips to make the treasure hunt much more productive.

Get familiar with the equipment

A significant aspect of being able to achieve the desired results when metal detecting is to have a full understanding of how to use and operate the metal detector. A full understanding of the switches and tones is certain to mean you are able to make more of the time when on the beach.

Follow the rules

You might well find many of the beaches imposed certain rules and regulations on when it is deemed acceptable to metal detect. A beach might be open to metal detecting at any time, while others might restrict metal detecting to just the off-hours. Although, you’ll also find certain beaches entirely forbid the use of metal detectors at any time.

Include headphones and extra batteries

If planning on a long trip to the beach it will certainly benefit if you are able to take along a spare set of batteries and a high-quality pair of headphones for easier detecting.

Scout the area

It is generally beneficial to scout a metal detecting area during the daytime to get a full appreciation of the best areas that have the potential to conceal hidden treasure. Put in the time to explore the beach when it is most in use at the height of summer. Use the spots that people congregate the most to start the search for lost items.

Hitting the right areas

A great area to start searching on the beach is where the water is starting to recede, which gives freshly exposed areas that haven’t been searched and likely to give a higher chance of success.

Respecting others

Aim to be respectful to others and avoid digging in areas that are occupied and make certain to fill in the holes. If a large number of beach goers complain about the activities there is a chance that a beach could be closed to future metal detecting. Aim to conduct the search before the beach starts to get busy in the mornings or wait unit late in the day when most people have started to move on.

Having a plastic scoop or shovel 

Ideally you want to be traveling with a scoop or shovel to help with digging a potential target when metal detecting on the beach. A dedicated shovel will make the process of scooping up sand that much more straightforward. A fine sifter or strainer might is be a welcomed tool.

Unique sites 

Explore the unique sites on the beach like fire pits, lifeguard towers, water towers, etc. A fire pit can be a great place to detect finds, but you will also get a lot of food wrappers, aluminum blobs, and nails. A sniper coil might help in areas that have lots of trash to avoid unnecessary detection.

Metal detecting is certain to be a highly enjoyable way to pass the time on the beach. A careful search of an often visited beach is highly likely to offer the chance of locating some treasure.