7 Tips for Buying a Used Metal Detector

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Used Metal Detector

If just starting out in the world of metal detecting it might be tempting to go the most cost efficient route at first and buy a second-hand metal detector.

It can be quite be quite daunting to purchase via online classifieds, but if the necessary due diligence is done; it should be possible to get the gear that you’re fully happy with.

Here are several points to consider when buying a used metal detector:

Local classifieds

A preferred option is to use the local ads or classifieds to make it possible to visit, inspect, or test the equipment before investing the hard earned money. Make sure the metal detector comes with its essential equipment and gear such as the batteries. Whenever possible, put in the extra time and effort to actually see the metal detector in action.

Close up pictures

If planning to purchase via an online auction or similar, make sure to view multiple pictures (preferably close up) to get a better appreciation of the metal detector and its overall condition. Avoid buying any metal detecting equipment online without first seeing an actual picture (no stock images).

Positive feedback

When buying products online, use sellers that have a lot of positive feedback (provides high-quality equipment and great customer service). A great place to look is the dedicated metal detecting sites and forums that have well established members that will vouch for the most trusted sellers.

Contact details

A seller should be willing to divulge personal information such as phone number, address, and name. Even though this isn’t always possible, it can help to ease some of the concern before making a payment for the goods ordered online.

Payment methods

A preferred payment method for the in-person transaction is cash. Plus, this gives the opportunity to test the metal detector before moving on. But, for all other transactions, it will benefit to use a service like PayPal. This has a certain degree of protection in place to increase the level of safety in a purchase. In most cases, there is usually more risk associated with sending a personal check or money order. Try to agree on a payment method before agreeing to meet to ensure this is satisfactory to both parties.

Unseen risks

It is important to be aware that making any purchase online is certain to carry a degree of risk. But, putting in the proper due diligence is certain to minimize the risks and hopefully mean much less risk. Often, I would be more prepared to pay a higher price for the metal detector I am able to inspect in person compared to the unit that I only see advertised online.

Keep a look out

A great deal or bargain will be available at one time or another, so it makes sense to keep checking the classified listings to see what is on the market. Try to be patient and wait to see what else might be available in the near future.